We are an authorized agent/distributor of vast range of industrial electrical cables, cable accessories, insulation improving materials and accessories.We are strongly committed to consistently provide quality products from world reputed manufacturers. Further we ensure you a best technical and after sales service throughout the life cycle of the products that we are offering.

The product ranges

  • Medium voltage cables
  • Medium voltage aerial bundled conductors (ABC)
  • Medium voltage covered conductors
  • Medium and low voltage termination kits
  • Medium and low voltage joint kits
  • Screened separable connectors for type A, B and C bushings
  • Heat shrinkable and cold type angle boots
  • Heat shrinkable anti tracking tubes and tapes
  • Medium and low voltage floor mats
  • Medium and low voltage safety Gloves
  • Medium and low voltage insulation paints
  • Control, instrumentation and special application cables
  • Cable accessories (Cable clamps, connectors, cleats.…etc.)