Lightning Protection Systems (LPS), Surge Protection system (SPDS) and Earthing Systems is playing vital role which protects buildings and its contents (humans, animals, equipment…etc.) from direct and indirect lighting strikes, power surges, switching surges…etc. Voltas offers both conventional LPS (Franklin Rod LPS & Franklin/Faraday Cage LPS) which follows BS EN/IEC 62305 and non-conventional LPS (Early Streamer Emission System) which follows NFC 17-102 and surge protections and earthing solutions.

Our Services

  1. Audits, analysis, recommendations and implementations of corrective measures.

  2. Designing, estimations, supply & installations, testing & commissioning, routing service repair and maintenance of
  • Lightning protection system as per BS EN/IEC 62305 and non-conventional LPS (Early streamerEmission System) as per NFC 17-102
  • Surge protection systems (Power, instrumentation, data…etc.)
  • Earthing systems
  • Heavy industrial factories.
  • Food manufacturing factories.
  • Tea, Rubber and Coconut processing factories.
  • Logistic centers/Warehouses.
  • Garment industries.
  • Buildings (Apartments, Hotels, shopping malls…etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor stadiums.
  • Highways and Roads.

3. Training on operation and maintenance. (O & M)

4. On-call service, annual system service, repair and maintenance.