A poorly maintained electrical system is highly risky and it shall badly effect on human safety, lead to an unexpected fire and unexpected break down of most costly equipment which may results in serious consequential damages.
It is so important to monitor the conditions of the electrical distribution system at your premises on frequent basis and maintained them in electrical safe manner.
We offer a range of routing service, repair, maintenance, testing & commissioning services of electrical distribution system starting from 415V to 33kV including factory electrical safety compliance auditing required for licensing as per local and international standards.

Our Services


  • Auditing, recommendation and engineer’s certifications
  • Testing and commissioning of medium voltage and low voltage distribution systems
  • Medium and low voltage switchgear panel service, repair and testing.
  • Transformer routing service, repair and testing.
  • Transformer oil analysis (BDV, Furan, Acidity, Dissolve gas…etc.)
  • Transformer oil filtrations.
  • Heavy industrial factories.
  • Food manufacturing factories.
  • Tea, Rubber and Coconut processing factories.
  • Logistic centers/ Warehouses.
  • Garment factories.
  • Buildings (Apartments, Hotels, Shopping malls.…etc.)
  1. Training on operation and maintenance (O & M)